Create amazing long term timelapses with your phone

No need for specific camera equipment or a physical tripod to be setup. Just go back to the same spot to take new pics and we'll help you get the photos perfectly aligned!

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More than 100,000 people are already using Project Tripod to record changes happening around the world! Start documenting what's changing in your world now!


Expensive and heavy camera equipment is no longer needed. Use the app to get an aligned series of shots over any extended time period.


Project Tripod has "Virtual Tripods!". They are the magic behind what gives you the ability to take perfectly aligned snaps over time – be it seconds, weeks, months or years – without needing a physical tripod! Photo doesnt quite match up? Don't worry! Our cool tech adjusts it for you!


You can see all the public Virtual Tripods set up around you (or anywhere around the globe!). You can share your tripods with friends and even invite others to add photos to them - you don't even have to be there!


Generate beautiful artwork with the resulting images using the in app creation studio for items such as time-lapse animations and image blends.


Anyone can contribute to the project of documenting the changing world around us over time, creating a living historical showcase of the world as it transforms.


Let the world see the awesome works you have created. Share your tripods so others can add to them and share the results, encourage collaboration and creation!!

It actually IS freakin' cool, seriously! It's a stunning app!

Bristol, UK

What a cool idea! I’ve always been discouraged from time lapse photography because of the time commitment and having to stand guard over a tripod and camera. Now I can do time lapses easily any place I pass by frequently, like the office, the daily commute or the beach. Great app and easy to use!

Sydney, Australia

I can’t wait to start seeing all these crowd sourced images. From the perspective of a historian it will be super interesting to see how a place changes through the seasons and over time.

Washington, US

Complexity Made simple! Love timelapse, now I don’t need to worry about complex camera setups and heavy gear to get amazing results!! Awesome!!

Melbourne, Australia

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Something interesting happenning in your world?

This short video shows a series of photos someone took out their office window, taken over a few months using the Project Tripod app on their phone (and then they were re-aligned with the Project Tripod software to make sure they were just right!). It's so easy!

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