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  • Forget needing expensive heavy equipment
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  • Historically recorded, forever

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It's so easy to get started - it is as simple as taking a photo and saving it as your Tripod.

Normally, taking a long term timelapse involves hours of work and setup - which often needs to be repeated if you are taking photos over multiple days!

The great news is that with Project Tripod, it's so simple! Download the app, take your first picture and save it as your tripod!

In App Helpers

When you want to take your next shot, the app helps you get it *really* close to the previous one you took.

Trying to take a series of photographs of something again and again over time so that the images are perfectly aligned without using specialist equipment or a permanent tripod set up is incredibly difficult.

You’d need to go back to the exact same spot as you’ve taken a photo from previously and hold the camera in exactly the same place to re-take that photo again.

Short of having left a physical tripod in that spot (which the authorities don’t tend to let you do) it’s nearly impossible!

Well that was before Project Tripod.

With Project Tripod, the compass, map and alignment software in the app help you to get the photo *almost* aligned... our software looks after the rest.

We will align the pics for you

Taken your pic but didn't get it exactly aligned? Don't worry! We will look after that for you!

Our software re-processes your image looking for key points to align on, then tweaks it to ensure it is PERFECTLY aligned.

Project Tripod is the only software available that does this for you - meaning you can take your pic as close to the original spot as possible, then relax and let us look after getting the photo exactly right.

You can see all the photos taken on that Tripod in one place and go back and request re-processing of any that may need it.

In the App you can also see any pictures that others have taken on your Tripod (if you made it public!)

Just want to take a look around?

Want to see the coolest Tripods from around the globe?

That's easy too!

In the app you can check out the featured tripods from around the globe that we love.

You can quickly see any other tripods nearby, your tripods and of course your favourites.

Historically recorded, forever

We at Project Tripod also have a grand vision - to visually record the world as it changes around us... With Project Tripods ability to record the changes over such an extended period, you are contributing to this vision.

We already have thousands of Tripods set up around the globe - so get started adding yours now!

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