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  • It is so simple to get started...

Step 1.

  • Decide What to Track

Step 2.

    • Set up your Virtual tripod

Step 3.

  • Come back later and take another pic

Step 4.

  • Let the Magic Happen

PLUS Project Tripod Works with Your Team

  • Project Tripod Works with Your Team

Do I have to share my Tripod with others?

No of course not. Until you sign up for an account your projects, tripods and images are only on your phone. We take security very seriously so you can rest assured that once you do sign up for an account we have built a strong security component into the application. This means that unless you specifically select to share your tripod or your images they remain private for only you to see.

Can I add Photos I have taken outside the Project Tripod application?

Yes you can. When you select to add photos to a tripod, simply select to load from your library.

How do I share my Tripods with others?

If you have a Project Tripod for Business Account, the Account Admin can add users that can all see and share access to Projects and Tripods.

Do I have to sign in to use Project Tripod?

No, you can open the application, set up projects, set up tripods and take photos to your hearts content. If you decide you would like to upgrade to get image backup, and sync across your devices you will need an account. Once you have that we will pull all of your existing project content across into your account.

How do I best align my photographs?

There are a few tips we can provide on photo alignment, including using the transparent guides in the app itself. See the image alignment tips section below.

Can I change the first image in the collection that alignment is tied to?

No, the first image you use to create the Tripod will always be the first image and will be used for all future alignment processing. However, you can always create a new tripod from the same location if you like.

Why does the app try to align every photo I take?

Our alignment process runs over all of the images to ensure they are fully aligned and then you can decide if you try again or keep it. If you keep it, the new aligned image is then added to the end of the collection of existing images in the tripod. You also have the option of keeping the un aligned raw image, or just taking another photo.

How do I disable location services?

Select the settings option by clicking Settings in the Menu to enter the settings page. In this page you can toggle the location servcies on and off.

How do I add a new project?

When you first open the application, you will see a list of your Projects. If you don't have any projects setup yet you will be prompted to add one.

Is the app free?

The app will be free to download and install. You can set up as many projects and tripods as you like. If you decide you would like to have your projects, tripods and images backed up and/or available across devices you can sign up for an account.

How do I add Photos to an existing Tripod?

Once you have selected your project, you will see a list of all the related tripods. Select the Tripod you wish to add a photo to and then click the camera icon in the footer. You will be prompted the add an image from your camera or pick an existing image from your library.

Is there a limit to many devices can I install the application on?

This is a limitation of the marketplaces and specific to each platform. Licensing for Windows Phone apps is for use on a single account but in most cases means you can insatll the app on up to 5 devices. On iPhone you are limited to 3.

Wasn't this only for Windows Phone Users?

No way - we want everyone to be able to use Project Tripod. However, our initial launch was focused on the Windows Platform for a few reasons - 1. We think its Awesome! 2, The lovely people at Microsoft & Nokia's AppCampus provided us the funds to build the proof of concept for the Windows Phone Platform, and 3, our Dev team build awesome Windows Phone apps! That version still exists and you can download it today.

Can I rate this app in the App store?

Please do! You can do this in the application itself by clicking the menu

How do I import my existing images?

When you select to add photos to a tripod, simply select to load from your library and the images will add to the end of your collection.

How do I disable notifications?

This feature is coming soon

How do I add a new tripod?

Select the Project you would like to add your tripod to, then select ADD to add a new tripod. You will be prompted to either browse for an existing image from your phone libraray, or take a snapshop with your phone camera. If you decided to take a snapshop you can either use or retake the photo until you are happy with the snapped image. Once you click Use, you are taken back to the Tripod details page. The location, direction and image are loaded in this page for you. If you like, you can add the Title and description then save to create your tripod.

Why is there an image overlay when I try to add photos to a Tripod?

When adding a photo from your camera to a Tripod you will see a slightly transparent version of the first image in the tripod collection which acts as a guide to help you get the right alignment. Once you are happy with the alignment use the on screen photo button to take the photo.

How do I give you feedback on the app?

We love feedback! We want your feedback! We want to make this application and everything about it as good as we possibly can and we need your feedback to do that. We have hooked up a widget called UserVoice into the website and application to make this as easy as possible for you. Alternatively you can always email us directly at

What types of sign in options do I have?

With Project Tripod we give you the ability to sign in with Facebook or you can set up an account with Project Tripod.

What notifications will I receive?

How can I share what I create with Project Tripod with others?

This feature is coming soon. Once available you can share the Timelapse output of the images in your Tripod with your social networks, via SMS or email

How do I know if my images have aligned?

The image will automatically show you the aligned image if it has worked. If it hasnt worked you will be prompted to see if you would like to keep the image you took, or try again.

Can I add to other peoples collections?

With Project Tripod for Business, if you are part of the same company and have permission to contribute to a team mates tripod, then yes you can.

Will all images align?

No. We are always working on improving our alignment software and think its pretty damned good already, but there will be images that dont align. Although through the app we will do our best to guide you, and then we will also run our image alignment processing over the top of the images again there will be some images that just wont align. This could be because of the shadows, hues, sunlight or obstructions to the image. See our tips on getting the best alignment possible.

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Coming Soon