About Us

Project Tripod gives you the ability to easily create collections of aligned images that capture change over time of any place, over any time frame (from seconds to years) using software you can install on your smartphone

Project Tripod uses technology to solve a very simple problem.

To do any form of comparisons of multiple images to see how the subject matter changes over time, the photos really need to be perfectly aligned. Without a physical tripod, expensive photo equipment and editing software, this has previously been incredibly difficult, if not impossible.

Project Tripod makes this possible, simple and accessible using nothing more than software you install on your smart phone. By using the inbuilt GPS, accelerometer combined with our in app alignment software, Project Tripod guides you to line up your images almost perfectly. We then run our further alignment processer over them to ensure your images are fully aligned.

The magic really comes into play when you start to think about what you can do when you have the ability to easily create collections of aligned images that detail change over time.

From fancy image trickery such as multiple image blends, video/gif animations of the change such as time lapses, to starting to think about the bigger picture and commercialisation aspects of such technology. Based on the documenting of change in anything over time: from property development, to ecological erosion. From local councils regularly recording degradation of assets for maintenance and audit purposes to creating a historical database of imagery of key tourist sites.

Our Team

Jordan Knight
The Developer
Developer, previous Microsoft MVP and Director of Xamling software development
Catherine Eibner
The Business Builder
Startup Advisor at BlueChilli who previously ran BizSpark for Microsoft Australia
Alex Knight
The Designer
Designer, previous Microsoft MVP and Co-Director of Xamling software development